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— Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz) June 19, 2021

If you choose to listen instead of check out, here are all of the associated Masters in Business interviews with all of your preferred Psychologists & & Behavioral Economists. It is a full semesters worth of product, and you need to earn about 12 college credits for listening to all of it.

Provided how the Tweet unexpectedly began to resonate, possibly some resources on the topic might be worth sharing. You can dive into any of the ~ 1,500 behavioral financing and psychology conversations here. It is a fascinating field, and there is a lot of terrific sources and discussions here.


If you wish to dive into a more narrow example, think about checking out these discussions of the Narrative Fallacy, these on Cognitive Dissonance, and this on the risks of investing + mixing politics.

Call it “having enjoyable with verifying my priors.”.


Look, I dont wish to make a big offer of this. I tweeted a cartoon that dead center of among my favorite subjects: All of the lots of ways our wetware hinders our cognitive and decision-making procedures. I set it to publish Saturday afternoon believing a couple of peeps would discover it amusing.

Last, a brief excerpt about Vaccine disinformation on social media from that McGill report I referenced seeks the dive


Full profiles of each are available at the end of this report:.

” The Disinformation Dozen are responsible for approximately 65% of anti-vaccine material.”.

” At the beginning of this research study, we recognized a dozen individuals who appeared to be exceptionally influential creators of digital anti-vaccine content. These people were selected either since they run anti-vaccine social media accounts with great deals of fans, because they produce high volumes of anti-vaccine material or since their development was accelerating rapidly at the outset of our research in February.

1. Joseph Mercola2. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 3. Ty and Charlene Bollinger4. Sherri Tenpenny5. Rizza Islam6. Rashid Buttar7. Erin Elizabeth8. Sayer Ji9. Kelly Brogan10. Christiane Northrup11. BenTapper12. Kevin Jenkins



Look, I do not want to make a huge deal of this. I tweeted an animation that dead center of one of my preferred topics: All of the many methods our wetware interferes with our cognitive and decision-making procedures. I set it to release Saturday afternoon thinking a few peeps would discover it amusing.

The Disinformation Dozen: Why platforms must act upon twelve leading online anti-vaxxersCenter for Countering Digital Hatehttps://

Complete report in PDF format.

You can dive into any of the ~ 1,500 behavioral financing and psychology discussions here. It is a remarkable field, and there is a lot of fantastic sources and conversations here.

Sources: Dozen Misguided Influencers Spread Most of the Anti-Vaccination Content on Social Mediaby Jonathan JarryMcGill University, March 31, 2021https:// 3cUCnFA.

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